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Attention class! Sex school is now in session! I’m usually a naughty schoolgirl who dresses like a slut and misbehaves all the time, but since attending sex school I’ve become a model pupil. Suddenly I’m encouraged to leave my tight blouse buttoned down, showing off ample cleavage. They told me to stop lifting my pleated skirt and instead make it permanently shorter, so all the boys and girls can see my silk stocking tops and skimpy panties, bulging as they house my massive meat log. But best of all, since they’ve put blow job skills and dildo riding on the curriculum I’ve become top of the class. Let me show you my presentation and tell me what you think!
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I see you.. Do you see me, in electric blue pantyhose? I was always different from the other earth girls, much taller, slimmer and fitter than everyone else, making me more athletic, flexible and popular with the boys! Only now do I realise it’s my na’vi blood! Every now and again I like to dress up and celebrate my roots and culture – and by celebrate my roots and culture I mean slip into a pair of kinky tight blue tights, and rub my crotch until my horse hung na’vi dick is so hard it’s tearing through the nylon! And like all na’vi I get off plugging my organ into others, though rather than using my braided hair I prefer plugging my lovers with my 9 inch lady log.
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Deep in the Arabian desert some believe there hides a mythical exotic beauty with magical powers and the ability to cure any sexual problem or lack of lust. Young men still travel for days through the lonely sands, risking their life, praying that the next sexy shemale standing naked on the horizon is not another mirage. Some claim to have met the erotic tranny, knelt at her long robes as they drop to the ground revealing a tall slim oriental ladyboy, clad in fully fashioned stockings and silk lingerie, clasping her 9 inch snake, which she charms and spits a magical potion bringing a huge throbbing hardon to even the most impotent man.
Reality made of your wet fantasies!

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I woke up and couldn’t remember what had happened. I knew it must have been kinky, my ass was hurting, I was laying on the floor in patterned nylon stockings, my ankles were chained to the wall, my mouth gagged, and there was bondage tape all over me. I spotted the keys to the chains and as I went to reach for them this tall dark strange tried to snatch them from me! I managed to get to the keys but before I could take off my gag the stranger had fled. I unlocked the chains and spread my stocking clad legs, and slowly peeled the tape from my nipples. But it left me hard and horny and gagging to be tied and fucked again! If only the strange would come back..
Fantasies become reality for you here!

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I’ll have some fun and stroke my dick – do you wanna take a ride on my disco stick?.. I’m all about style and individualism, and dressing up in my costumes is how I express myself, but more importantly, how I get you guys hard, horny and gagging to fuck me! My Ladyboy Gaga outfit is almost as freaky as me – a clash of colours, styles and slutty garments. With a spunky silver hairdo, and matching tie – this can be later used to tie me to my bed! A lace corset which is easy to slip off, and crotchless fishnet pantyhose, which I can keep on until the creamy end.. But the one thing that separates me from the real Gaga is my hung meaty cock.. or is it.. lol.
Here’s where your fantasies come alive!

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Gentlemen, start your engines.. Mint is getting ready for her annual full body ‘self-service’. She’s dressed up in her streamline lycra racing suit, tiny wind resistant see-through panties, for easy access to her large gear stick, and she’s fitted with a full set of goodyear black silky stockings (every year is a goodyear with this mean machine).. With her large TOOL box in hand, Mint first checks her front headlamps are large, firm and on full show, to get the attention of all passing traffic. Her rear bumper is then well oiled for the inevitable action to come, and finally it’s time to clean those pipes, as she grips her massive SCREWdriver with both hands..
Fantasies become reality for you here

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Well, Happy Birthday Mr. President.. giggle..Now that I’ve got you all alone why don’t you come over here big boy and unwrap this long gift I’ve got waiting especially for you? They say blondes have all the fun, and I’m going to show you that it’s true, dressed like sexy Marilyn ‘I just wanna be loved by you’.. Boop boop a-doop! They say ‘some like it hot’ and I wouldn’t want it any other way, so if you’ll let me be you Marilyn I’ll let you take full advantage of this platinum blonde bombshell, baby. Now let me scratch your ‘seven year itch’ and I’ll let you play with my 9 inches…
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Welcome to LadyboyAir. I’m your hostess, Long Mint and I’ll take complete care of you. Please don’t hesitate to ask for any services you require to make your ladyboy experience more pleasurable. For your own comfort and safety please keep your pants unbuttoned at all times. Electrical gadgets must be switched off so not to interfere with the sexy time you’re about to receive, but battery operated toys are allowed and their use is encouraged. In the likely event of a hard, bumpy ride, two breasts and a large cock will appear in front of you to maximise your enjoyment. This IS a smoking flight, so unzip your pants and prepare to join the mile high club!
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Can I have the attention of the class! This is Long Mint your substitute teacher for the day. I’m an expert in working with WOOD but I’m here to teach you biology. Now, there are so many positions you can take around a classroom, let me show you a few of my favourites.. I prefer to be on all fours as it allows my skirt to raise up and reveal my stocking tops, or with my legs spread over the desk so I can flash you a glimpse of the large bulge in my little white panties, it’s very important to get your full attention. But what I love most is giving one-on-one lessons, as I like to be very ‘hands on’. Now take out your ruler, I have something for you to measure..
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All hands to the pump! This is you captain, able Seaman Long Mint speaking, now hold on tight things are about to get rough and wet! I need a big strong man to help me take control of my long vessel so I’m going to need your help. First you’ll have to stop drolling over my long stripy white socks and looking up my little skirt at my small white panties, if my naughty outfit is distracting you maybe it’s better I remove it, although I’ll leave my captains hat on, I don’t want you to forget who is in charge! Now report to my private quarters immediately, I want you to grab my big hard mast with both hands and tug it until you feel that salty liquid hit you in the face!
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